Sources for Materials

Here are a list of sources for purchasing some of the specific materials shown on this website.

A young boy plays with magnetic shapes.
A young boy plays with magnetic shapes.
Able Net Inc. –  1-800-322-0956
Switches/computer/communication devices
Achievement Products – 
Products for children with special needs
Adaptations by Adrian – 1-888-214-8372 
Adapted clothes- ponchos and outerwear

Benik Corporation – 

Benik Vests, elbow/hand splints

Brookstone – 

Hand-held massagers

Discovery Toys –

Discovery Links

Easy Access Clothing – 

Adapted clothes

Enabling Devices –

Switches and adapted toys

Fat Brain Toys – 

1-800-590-5987 and International Phone: 1-402-779-3181 

Flaghouse – (Catch, Flying Start, Giant Leaps, Going Strong) 

Special needs products
Guitar Center – 
Used musical instruments
Seed pod rattle              
Hearth Songs –
Children’s toys
Imagine the Challenge –
Children’s toys

Inclusive TLC – 

Switches, computer, communication devices
Kaplan Early Learning Company –
Developmentally-appropriate educational products
Educational products

Music is Elementary –

Seed Rattles, Paddle Drums, thunder tubes, Cabasa, Afuche

Music Makers –

Kits for thumb pianos, harps, etc.

Patterson Medical (Sammons/Preston) – 


1000 Remington Blvd., Suite 210 Bolingbrook, IL 60440-5117
Inner-lip or Inside-edge Plates

School Specialty – (Abilitations, Integrations, Special Needs, Physical Education) 

Ping Pong Balls by gross, other special needs products

Shindigz – 

Mylar curtain hanging in Movement Therapy room
Sky Curve Platform Swing
Available from Hearth Song or Sam’s Club

Southpaw –

Track systems – rotational devices, Z-vibes, Snow Mobility, Velcro sticky wall, marble Sensory Ring

TFH Fun & Achievement –

Activity arches/walls, Musical Round-About, Wall Paletto, head massager, mini massager

Specific Items and Where to Find Them 

West Music – 

Remo- Lynn Kleiner Gathering drum , Seed Pod Rattles, Paddle Drums, Thunder Tubes, Canary Sticks, Desk Bells. Free shipping!
Seedpod Rattel
Seedpod Rattle
Gathering drum
Gathering drum

Cheaper versions do not have the spring action in them.  Steel tongue drums are significantly cheaper, but are not as large, overall flat so limited tactile features, and are heavier thus not giving the same quality of sound, sensory feedback, or movement options.

Elysium drum
Elysium drum
Inflatable Activity Table
Inflatable Activity Table
Meinl Galaxy Percussion Instrument
Meinl Galaxy Percussion Instrument
Pearl Hand Held Agogo Bell
Pearl Hand Held Agogo Bell
Zaphir (or) Shanti Chimes
Shanti Zaphir Chimes
Shanti Zaphir Chimes
Each color has a specific set of tones inside them that are pleasing to each other when they ring. Each color chime has a different set of tones. Available from a number of sites, including

Collage of sources of Active Learning materials